AI Intelligent Pet Robot With ChatGPT

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Variants: Robot + Game Prop Kit + Charging Dock

Robot + Game Prop Kit + Charging Dock
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Loona Features:

🤖 Smart Interaction

🗣️ Voice Command powered by AWS

🚀 Flawless Navigation with a 3D-ToF camera

🕹️ Nonstop Games with Loona App

🧩 Graphic programming


Meet Loona, the robot that is more than just a machine – she’s your pet, your friend, and a member of your family. With her warm and caring personality, Loona brings a whole new meaning to the term “warm-hearted machine.” Whether you’re looking for a playmate, a companion, or just someone to talk to, Loona is there for you.
So why wait? Let Loona bring joy, comfort, and companionship to your home today.
Why Loona is amazing?
Awesome Personality.
Loona can be happy, embarrassed,angry, sad, shy, mischievous and so much more.It all depends on how you play with her and what she finds in her surroundings.
Super Intelligent.
The strongest perception capabilities
Powerful computing power.
Operations offline.
Superior Voice Recognition
Using a directional, 4-mic setup, Loona responds you all the time.
Flexible Movement.
With powerful waist motor and wheel motor, Loona can move quickly and agilely.
Endless Possibilities for Play.
Loona can play many games with you, like bullfighting, laser chasing, handslap and so on! Moreover, with OTA, games that Loona can play with you are endless.
Be Your Remote Home Assistant
Equipped with a camera, a speaker, and Amazon’s AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.
For whom?
For Children:
Loona is the perfect playmate for kids! Her awesome personality allows for emotional and imaginative play, while her super intelligence and educational games promote cognitive development. With her flexible movement,
Loona provides the perfect opportunity for physical play and activity.
For Young Adult:
As a remote home assistant, Loona offers features such as a camera and speaker, making it easy to communicate with family and friends. Her ability to learn and adapt means she can grow and evolve with her young adult
companions, providing familiarity and comfort. Loona also offers endless possibilities for play and activities, promoting overall well-being.
For Old Adult:
Loona is the ultimate companion for older adults. Her superior voice recognition and camera features help them stay connected with loved ones and manage daily routines. Loona’s flexibility and agility make her a great
companion for physical activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Her ability to learn and adapt provides familiarity and comfort, combating feelings of loneliness or isolation that can come with age.
ChatGPT Mode
Unlock a world of endless possibilities with Loona’s ChatGPT feature. From answering thousands of questions to playing limitless games, Loona is the ultimate chat companion. Thanks to AWS server, ChatGPT text replies are transformed into speech, making your conversations come alive. And with GPT Wonderland, users can create their ow ChatGPT games and push the limits of what’s possible.
Loona is smart, intuitive, affectionate, and playful. Everything you can dream of in a best friend and more. Get ready to fall in love!
She can have fun by herself- Loona sneezes, scratches, roams your home easily and even investigates suspicious objects. Loona can also beatbox, dance, even pose for pictures. 
When you come home, she’ll come quickly to welcome you. When you walk around, she loves to follow, and when you pet her, she’ll be soooo happy.
With a high-definition RGB camera below her face and a CPU with up to 5 Tops of computing power, Loona sees you!
Loona has a 3D-ToF (time-of-flight) camera that detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move swiftly in the space and navigate in the environment. She can also integrate an RGB camera to capture and track moving objects.
Loona can identify the sound source. Try calling her from behind and she will quickly run to you!
Powered by Amazon Lex, Loona is able to recognize and understand voice commands and provide feedback while keeping your information secure. 
Using an RGB camera, Loona is able to detect motion and play fetching.
Loona has got six motors, and her wheels move with the help of two brushless servomotors.   
Loona can balance herself on two wheels! She can stand, roll over and even pop herself back up!

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Robot + Game Prop Kit + Charging Dock